Young Adults

Welcome Young Adults!

Last year we had a fabulous Young Adult turnout to the CUC’s 50th Anniversary Annual Conference and Meeting, and we want to keep that momentum going. This year’s May Gathering will be different from the usual ACM – it’s a Symposium on Spiritual Leadership hosted jointly by the CUC and the UU Ministers of Canada (UUMoC).

As UUs however, we know that different is often good, and this year’s unique program and focus will allow Young Adults (and youth too!) a meaningful way to be an integral part of this important exploration.

As many YAs keenly know, the opportunities to lead and serve are often tightly interwoven with our experiences and understanding of our spirituality – we really hope that you’ll join us in Ottawa to add your voices and perspectives to this multigeneraltional conversation!

In faith,
Your 2012 YA Symposium planning group

Co-Chairs – Christine Mishra (Calgary) and Ian Corlett (Neighbourhood)
Casey Stainsby (Montreal) – Worship
Hazel Gabe (Ottawa)- Program & Bridger Dinner
Sean Barron (Ottawa) – Bridger Dinner
Curtis Murphy (Montreal)
Sarah Baxter (Waterloo/UU Estrie)
Ariel Hunt-Brondwin, CUC YaYA Ministry Development staff

Young Adults are welcomed and strongly encouraged to be fully engaged and integrated members of the all-ages Symposium community, however we recognize that sometimes it’s nice (and important!) to have time to be with our peers too.  So in anticipation of your arrival we are currently up to our elbows in scheming and planning – we hope the offerings we’ve come up with will fill that desire as well.

Please have a look below at some of the events and initiatives we’re planned so far. We are a small working group so if any of these activities strike your fancy we’d love to have you on board with your help.

Please contact Christine Mishra (, Co-chair of the Young Adult Planning Committee, if you’d like to get involved or would like more information.

Please go here to Register and Pay On-line:

(registration closes April 30th!)

View Symposium – schedule highlights

During the Symposium – schedule highlights

(click here for a complete schedule of the Symposium Program)


CUC Annual General Meeting (aka “the Business” or “Council” meeting) 9am – 4pm

Young Adults are encouraged to offer to act as delegates for their congregation.  Doing so is a great way to gain a better understanding of the goals and priorities the CUC is setting as well as the major challenges the CUC is facing at this time.  It’s also one of the best ways to include strong Young Adult perspectives in the main decision making process of our organization.

(Some congregations also offer financial assistance to their delegates for traveling to the AGM and taking on the responsibility of representing their congregation to the Council – talk to a board member of your congregation to find out what your community does)

Symposium Opening Welcome and Key note “Provocation” 
7 – 9:30pm

The opening of the Symposium will also include a covenanting session for the whole community and the first meeting of the Multigenerational Touch Groups.

*We hope to have a gathering place where YAs can meet up before it begins. This may include going to a local restaurant for dinner. More details to follow


Symposium Programming

Will begin around 9:30am and go until just before dinner. Young Adults are encouraged to be full participants in the Symposium programming. *this year Saturday’s lunch (at the Westin) is included in your registration fee

Senior Youth and Young Adult Community Building Dinner  (“aka the Bridger Dinner”)

Started at 2008 ACM in Ottawa, having a meal with the youth who have just bridged and the Young Adults attending the ACM, has become a tradition that we are pleased to carry on at this year’s Symposium.  (Although this year’s meal will take place before the actual bridging ceremony happens!)

The purpose of this dinner is to build connections and friendships amongst the soon to be bridging youth and the YA community, by helping each group get to know each other a little better over a shared meal.  This year we will eat at a local restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.

*If you would like to come to this dinner please be sure to indicate that when you register on the main registration form – the cost is $15 and can be paid when you register or  at the restaurant. If you have already registered but forgot to sign up for this – please contact ASAP, to indicate your intention in attending.

YA & Bridgers Hang Out

After our dinner, we hope to offer some informal time for the Bridging youth and Young Adults to do some more getting to know one another and community building back at the hotel.  Program details to follow.


Bridging & Transitions Ceremony

*This year’s ceremony will be incorporated as part of the Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Marking these special transitions of Coming of Age and Bridging are important rituals for UUs.  All Young Adults attending the Symposium are invited to be present to help welcome the bridging youth into our community as well as to be witness for any older young adults who are bridging out of young adulthood at this time as well.

Symposium Programming

Will begin around 1:30pm and go until dinner. Young Adults are encouraged to be full participants in the Symposium programming. *This year’s Sunday Lunch (at the Westin) is included in your registration fee

Celebratory Dinner

Our Symposium weekend will come together over a final “celebration of leadership” meal, recognizing our collective sharing, visioning and dreaming over the past two days.

Some of the key elements of this celebration will include:

  • the installation of the new CUC board,
  • a final presentation by Erik Walker Wikstrom and others,
  • delicious food,
  • the Knight Awards presentation,
  • music and art,
  • and a final closing ritual to bring an end to  our time together and our exploration of the spirituality of leadership.

*the cost of this meal is also included in your registration fee

YA Evening Gathering

YAs who are staying on for Monday’s mini-conference are invited to join together after the closing dinner for some informal socializing (this could involve heading out to a Pub in By-Ward Market – details TBA)

View Post Symposium

Post Symposium


YA Mini-Conference (9am – 12noon)

YA’s are invited to join together for a mini-conference on Monday morning.  Our program is still in the works but will include time for:

  • debriefing the Symposium
  • general sharing,
  • updates on upcoming YA events and next year’s National Gathering (2013 ACM in Calgary)
  • Worship

Lunch Out

We will then leave our bags at the hotel (arrangements have been made for this) and go off-site for lunch, and then to another location for a couple more of hours of YA community time. We plan to wrap up around 2pm so that folks can have the rest of the day for travel.

View Financial Accessibility

Financial Accessibility

We are also working to make the conference as financially accessible as possible to young adults from across the country, as we know that cost of registration, accommodation and travel can be a big barrier to attending.

A note on costs this year

This year’s registration fees went up from last year specifically because the Symposium Planning Committee wanted to include three meals as part of the programming.  Lunches on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the closing meal on Sunday evening are all included in your registration fee.

Early Bird fee – $295 closes March 31st EXTENDED to APRIL 12th
Regular fee – $345 – closes April 30th


The Westin Ottawa

There are rooms available right at the Westin starting at $119.00 per night (which includes rooms with two double beds in them, which means the rooms can be relatively affordable if you are up for sharing)

For more info on this option see:

HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

This hostel (in a historic former jail building) is within walking distance of the Westin, and is reasonably priced.


The YA planning group has also organized an online “billeting bulletin board” to arrange for home hospitality in the homes of Ottawa Area UUs for those YAs who would prefer a cheaper option.

If you would like to request home hospitality (or can offer to host someone) please see here:

(Please note the deadline to request or offer a billet is April 30th)


In the beginning of 2012, the CUC revised and updated it’s various subsidy offerings and streamlined them into just two different options:

  • the CUC Leadership Development Subsidy which is open to any current or emerging leader (of any age) seeking help to attend a leadership development opportunity
  • the CUC Youth and Young Adult Supporting the Dawning Future Subsidy, which is specifically intended to support youth and young adults in attending conferences and other events that will foster and nurture their spiritual and personal growth

Please see – to read full descriptions of both subsidies.  *YAs who are representing their congregation as delegates are recommended to apply to the Leadership Development Subsidy.

We really hope that you come and join us.  Let’s keep up the momentum in our national community that we started last year!