Touch Group Leaders

Taking inspiration from youth and young adult Conferences, the Symposium’s program will include multigenerational Touch Groups co-led by youth/young adult and adult pairs.

What’s a Touch Group?

Touch Groups are small groups of 8-10 participants, who meet multiple times during an event. These meetings are meant to be safe, supportive places to touch base and check in with a “community within the community.” They help new and experienced participants:

  • Get to know each other better,
  • Share an event more deeply,
  • Have a place to reflect and process with others,
  • Give and receive support, during what might be a powerful personal experience.

Touch Groups are in many ways similar in feeling and function to a covenant group or chalice circle. They are also different though, in that they often include lighter activities like icebreakers and games in addition to discussions, and reflections.

The Need: 40-60 Skilled Volunteers

We will have anywhere from 20-30 Touch Groups at this year’s Symposium, each led by a youth and an adult. Each group will meet four times throughout the course of the weekend. We need lots of help from youth and adults to help lead these groups.

Qualities of Ideal Touch Group Leaders

We are looking for interested UUs with some (or all!) of the following qualities:

  • An interest in facilitating multigenerational sharing and discussions,
  • An ability to “hold the space” for check-ins and reflection,
  • Flexibility, and openness to both silly and thoughtful discussions,
  • Experience with touch groups and/or small group ministry (either  as a participant or a facilitator),
  • An understanding of  how to work with a co-leader who may not be an “age-peer”,
  • Availability to do some preparation before the Symposium begins, and attend a brief orientation session prior to the opening of the Symposium on Friday, May 19.

If this sounds like you, please mark the appropriate box on your registration form when you register for the Symposium or for CanUUdle. (If you have already registered, please e-mail Ariel Hunt-Brondwin to volunteer.)

***Experience as a Youth Advisor or Religious Educator or with CUUL School or Goldmine is a particular asset.

En français

We are also interested in offering a few touch groups en français. If you are a fluent French speaker and would be interested in leading a Francophone Touch Group, please e-mail Ariel Hunt-Brondwin.